Monday, 17 February 2014

A few things from this week

 Above: Two of my paintings on wood at Modern Times in Fitzroy, alongside a ceramic planter by Ingrid Tufts.
 Above: A rather funny matchbox with a can of peas and carrots on it (thank you Miss Pen!).
 Above: Part of a little package that I received from Japan (which was not actually fragile).
Above: My scores from Supergraph: a little tray and greetings cards, all by the VERY talented Miss Alice Oehr.


Saskia (1=2) said...

Oh nooo. I didn't make it to Supergraph (had one of *those* weekends) and now I'm regretting it even more! Really lovely scores, especially Alice's cards.
PS. LOVE your Japanese snail mail segment.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Saskia,
I think you're pretty much across everything that's going on in the world of graphics and illustration, so not much of it would have seemed new. Glad you like the sticker -- it was the best part of the package...