Sunday, 2 February 2014

Random shots.

Above: lounge room with Lonely Hipster.
Above: dear Shin looking through her mirror.
Above: studio wall.

Above: the lid from my favourite tin, which I bought in Newcastle sometime in the last millennium.  It has the important task of holding all of my tubes of acrylic paint, and is getting rather full.
Above: my dear quilt, which I must have made some time ago now, needs mending.  I am happy to replace the red ditsy floral, but can't bear to hide the 70s map fabric which I found at an op shop in Cheltenham so many years ago.  If anyone out there has some of this fabric in their stash, I'd be happy to pay for it!


Suzanna Scott said...

Such lovely randomness Sandra! Hope you can find your map fabric.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Suzanna! I am very glad that you enjoyed it. If I don't find the fabric, I might do a version of it in Illustrator and get it digitally printed!