Monday, 9 November 2015

My show at Boom: "Cheap Pop"

Hello!  A couple of friends who were not able to make it to the opening of my show "Cheap Pop" (at Boom Gallery, 11 Rutland Street, Newtown) have asked if I could catalogue the work on my blog.  I also thought that it would be a good way to redress the fact that I am blogging less and less lately (damn that incredibly convenient and highly addictive Instagram.....!).  Above: Berliner Pho, a loving dedication to a fantastic soup that I ate a few months ago in Berlin, which seemed more tailored to the German palette than the Vietnamese.  A bit like those "Steak and Fried Rice" signs one used to see in front of Chinese restaurants here?  I love that sort of cross cultural adaptation.

Above: Geelong Player.  I wanted a really varied little family of wooden figures, and decided that it would be fun to revisit my footballers, as I still love them.

 Above: Kebab.
Above: Life.  A cross section of a worm (not in nature's colours, though) wearing a hoodie from Urban Outfitters.  I thought it would be an appropriate combination.
 Above: Marlboro Man, 2015. I always love documenting local pop cultural phenomena.  The boys in Melbourne are trading beards for moustaches and are still into the 'Normcore' look.  I decided to take his vest and shirt straight out of Seinfeld.  The cap is one that I observed a young Melbourne man wearing.
 Above: Olive as Kim Kardashian.  This one is dedicated to Gin, Chelsea and the young ladies at Trophy Wife.  SOLD.

Above: Tony.  This wasn't actually meant to be our former PM Tony Abbott, but after he was toppled recently, I decided that I would name my little man after him, mostly out of an unexpected pity.

 Above: No.1 Ideas Woman.  A double sided self portrait.
Above: Dalmatian Clock Hand.  (A functioning clock, part of a series of wooden 'severed arm' clocks that I have been making sporadically since 2010.) When I was in Croatia in August, I visited the Ethnographic Museum in Split for the first time.  This work is dedicated to the fantastic textiles there.  I hope to make more work early next year inspired by the museum and the brilliant book on fishing that I bought there.
 Above: Egg Woman! (I decided at the last minute to add sauce.)
 Above: Save Earth It's The Only Planet With Pizza.  SOLD.
Above: Split 1979, another work inspired by my visit to The Ethnographic Museum in Split.  
(My family spent the summer of 1979 in the former Yugoslavia, when to our delight the Mediterranean Games were held in Split, hence the souvenir beach towel, above.)
 Above: St Kilda Player.
The 'windows' series: scenes that I have witnessed while walking past windows in my neighbourhood, or rather, my memory of them.  Above and below:  Simpson Street, 6pm and Rotherwood Street, 5pm.  The scene above was one that I witnessed regularly, until recently.  Surrounded by piles of books, I had the feeling that this old couple needed to glean as much information as possible before their lives ended.  Now there's an unplugged fridge blocking the view, and last week that chintz couch was on the footpath.
Below: in contrast, a scene that I glimpsed for a moment.  Dressed in black in a modernist white room, I imagined that these were extended family members who had just returned from a funeral, and were playing out their usual roles, only with unusual exaggeration.

 Above and below: Attitude Sofa and Pain is Just a Skin You Can Shed.   Billboards that I have observed in my suburb.  I am endlessly fascinated by the ways in which masculinity is created and depicted.  The AFL footballer below is to me a fairly comical and extreme example; but I liked the contrast of the conceited man on his expensive couch above with the tiny worker setting his enormous image up.

(When I took the photo that I used as a reference for the painting, I noticed afterwards that the other workmen -- who should have been hoisting UP the poster -- were actually waving at me and making childish gestures with their hands.  Men!)
All of work shown here is acrylic on plywood.  The figures vary from approximately 25 - 70 cm in height.  The paintings are all 50 x 40 cm.
There are a few pieces which I have not shown here.  I am having some technical difficulty with Blogger today, and thought that I had better finish this post before all of the work I put into it disappears!  For the full catalogue, have a look at Boom's site.
No, this wouldn't happen on Instagram.  But then, the failing of Instagram is that it is much more difficult to tell a detailed story like this one.

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Saskia said...

Oh my GOD Sandra, Miss Olive is perfection. So clever, and one of my faves of your recent pieces. Berliner Pho is the ants pants too and looks like it contains all my fave food items in the one bowl :)
A cross section of a worm in an Urban Outfitters hoodie is absolutely an appropriate combo, and so Eterovićesque. Love it. Going to try hard to get to your exhibition to see these babies in the flesh.
Oh, and it’s always great to see you in blogland. Also blogging less frequently, but not wanting to give it up just yet… damn you Instagram!