Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The last couple of weeks

Hello!  Recently I had the great pleasure of working on a book cover for Text Publishing: Iris and the Tiger by Leanne Hall.  The little portraits shown here are just a few of those which will be featured on the front and back covers.  I also worked on black and white chapter heading illustrations, which were lovely to do, too.  The book will be released in January, but can be pre-ordered here.
 HOORAY!  Calendar girl for November!  My illustration for the Frankie magazine calendar, 2015, above.
Above: Another wooden figure for my exhibition at Boom Gallery, Newtown (Geelong) starting this Friday November 5.  Egg Woman!
Painted bats for Modern Times, above and in progress, below.  Thanks again go to Miss Pen for being so thoughtful and finding these for me in Tasmania!)

Dark coloured backgrounds are so effective but such a pain in the butt to paint!  You always need at least two coats, sometimes three.

My wooden volcano on TV!!!!  Richard Corser and Sarah Snook in The Beautiful Lie, ABC1.  The couple stares into their sleeping child's room, their lives about to change forever....  (Boom!)
 Above: a very LARGE pile of dinosaurs for Modern Times.....
And more work for Boom Gallery, above and below: No.1 Ideas Woman (a double sided self portrait) and Berliner Pho, a dedication to a strange and wonderful bowl of the stuff that I had in Berlin: a Vietnamese-German hybrid.  I LIVE for that sort of cross cultural food.

Above: an illustration for Jean-Paul Gagnon, a political philosopher specialising in democratic theory, who has been writing about democratic social structures in the animal and plant kingdom.  This illustration will be on The Conversation soon.

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