Monday, 30 November 2015

New in the shop.

I had a lovely time at Markit yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who said hi, had a chat and even bought something!  Your support is very much appreciated.  However not everything that I made especially for the day was sold, so there are now some new things in my Etsy shop.  Above and below:  The Dress.  Painted patchwork on cut out wood.  Can be leant against a wall, or hung.  Inspired by the traditional clothing of Namibian women.

Above: there is ONE LAST Blue Apple Man in the shop too.  I was going to keep him for myself but decided that I would prefer to have his much larger sibling (see this post).
 Above: The Bad Behaviour Bat.  Salami, lollies, roulette, cigarettes, jam, fried chicken and gin.  That's all I could fit in.
 Above: a little stuffed monkey!  He is one of a kind.   Might make a nice stocking filler or pincushion.  He can also be hung on a wall.
 Above: a lovely lady wearing red lipstick, on a navy background.

Above: The Man Who Never Was.  A young man at a library in Oxford, pondering the dramas of adult life.  Thanks again to Miss Pen for her generous bat donation!  I do enjoy painting them.

Tomorrow I will update the shop with some new painted mirrors.

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