Thursday, 16 February 2012

Show how you feel

I am really enjoying using early 80s Dolly magazines as a reference.  Show how you feel is based on an advertisement for a monogrammed chain bracelet: a trend left over from the 70s.  Working from certain photos does however challenge my painting skills -- and this one will have to be substantially reworked.  I had another one too which I can't even show at this point.  (Working in acrylic on wood is good however as you can layer the colours and get rid of unsightly bits.)


jen storer said...

Oh yes! I forgot about those ID bracelets! You had really arrived if your boyfriend gave you one of those! (and later it was 'the friendship ring' and they all basically looked the same didn't they? gold with little star thingys carved out. Ha! good luck with your painting sandra. xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Jen! Ha ha! Yes, I do have a vague memory of all of that....for some reason filed alongside Crystal Cylinders t-shirts with the male-female symbol on them and leather thonging necklaces with a dangling shark's tooth.