Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Bird of Paradise returns

This morning I took a trip up to TarraWarra to refresh their stock of my work.  I also took home a few things which we felt had been there long enough.  Some items looked ancient, like my first attempts at the mushroom series.  Other things, like Bird of Paradise I above, I still feel really content with.

I remember how he came to be.  While watching a nature documentary on the birds of New Guinea, I marvelled at how the males displayed their incredible feathers in order to attract females, and couldn't help but think of men and what they do in similar cirumstances.  How the inconsequential gets puffed up into something grandiose, and what gets hidden beneath the mesmerising feathers.  Or tries to be.

(Of course, to be fair, it works in reverse too.)

The original post about this Bird and his friends is here.
(Oh, and he is in the shop now too.)


Anonymous said...

Beautifull art...
btw, is't bidr of paradise is cerdrawasih bird from indonesia????

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Dedy -- you would know better than I would!! Or maybe it is the same bird, but it gets around? ;-)
Thank you for your comment!