Monday, 6 May 2013

Happy Mother of a Design Files sensory overload!

I am ALWAYS chuffed to be involved in anything that Lucy Feagins sets her hand to, but I think that she has outdone herself with her brilliant and slightly crazy Mother's Day gift shoot on The Design Files this morning, above.  (Photo by Sean Fennessy.) Wow, what beautiful, colourful temptations we have in our city!  I am really proud that my painting The Man Who Never Was has contributed to the sensory overload.
The subject of the work is a section of my studio wall, and is part of my current exhibition at Hut 13.  Here is a detail of it below, where you can spot the title, if you look carefully enough:
Thanks so much Lucy F + Lucy M!  And Lisa MC too.


Jo Grant said...

So bloomin' exciting! You are kicking goals Sandra. And I love that painting. Cool.

Handmade Romance said...

so good. congrats sandra x
i LOVED your exhibition. i finally made it to HUT 13 last week to take a look and i loved it all!! you are so inspiring. your work makes me so happy. i'm so happy that you do what you do. thank you for sharing your gifts with the world x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much to both of you for your comments. Don't underestimate them -- they warm my heart and make it easier to keep going!
You two inspire me in turn.