Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I love Rose Wylie

I had no idea who she was until I received an email about her exhibition from The Tate this morning, but I have instantly fallen in love with the simplicity and poignant humour of the work of Rose Wylie (b.1934).  Some of the images above are from here too.
Please excuse the rushed nature of this post.  I haven't done anything interesting this week, just emailing customers and filling the occasional order.  I have been at the studio too, and I can report that it is getting inhospitably cold.  Enjoy that spring, northerners.


jen storer said...

Oh, heaps to love there, Sandra. thanks for sharing. stay warm, get out some of your GORGEOUS knits! xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Jen! I like how she intersperses words.
Oh, how I want to knit more jumpers!!!