Saturday, 17 July 2010

A new shirt

I don't normally post my sewing; perhaps that's partly because I don't sew often anymore, but also because the clothes I have been making are usually so simple that they are hardly worth sharing. I did decide recently however to sew more seriously again, for a number of reasons. The first is that I already have alot of lovely fabric around the house. The second is that I know what I like and I care less about fashion so choosing what to make is easier knowing that I will enjoy it for longer. Thirdly, the question of the environmental impact of the ever increasing speed of fashion is really getting to me. In fact, a (fashion industry) colleague of mine said just yesterday that she freaked out recently when confronted by the volume of "fast fashion" at Topshop etc., wondering where it would all go when the next look took over within weeks.
I felt vindicated.

So, the sweatshop in which I am the only employee (and customer) has re-opened. For those who are interested in details, I handstitched the tucks in much the same way as I handstitch the linen scarves that I make. I say why not add a detail to show that your clothing is handmade?
And here is the 1969 pattern that the shirt was based on.
Thanks very much to my friend JP who helped me to adjust it from a 1969 size 12 to a 2010 size 12. (It was a disconcertingly big adjustment!)

Actually, there is another reason why I have taken up sewing again: Jenny Gordy's Wikstenmade blog, which proves that home sewing can be both accessible and cool at the same time. I am a big fan. And like Gordy, I love the French label A.P.C. -- another great source for simple, classic and cool sewing ideas.


Thea said...

I adore details like pintucks. Very nice Sandra! I HATE fast fashion and it can't possibly be made without sweatshop labour. They just couldn't do it that fast... Good question about where it all goes?

Anonymous said...

oh my, that is a lovely blouse! right up my alley.
i agree with your view on fashion wholeheartedly :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Thea and Hocus,
I am very pleased that you like the blouse and thank you for reading my little rant & commenting! It is heartening to know that there are others who feel similarly. Maybe it's the start of a big change..........