Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time-Life's British Isles, circa 1969

Above: Kentish sheep and spring apple blossoms. Spring!

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Above: That's what happens to a greedy pig.

Above: so kitsch and genuinely lovely at the same time. Champagne and strawberries by the arbor at Petersham.

Above: Grouse hunters. Observe that devoted spaniel!

Above: the young butchers, who no doubt count the minutes to Saturday night, when they go the the local hall and dance to The Beatles.
Above: the more serious set, who no doubt keep the boys in line. (The boss is the second lady from the right.)

Above: the lads gather for their fish and chips in Richmond, Surrey.

Images from The Cooking of the British Isles by Adrian Bailey, Time Life Books, 1969. Most of the original captions published underneath the pictures are still there and can be read if you click on the pictures to make them larger.


rigel said...

these images are fantastic. i wish i could crawl under an apple tree while those sheep nibble the grass around me.

and thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. it was the first thing i read this morning, a nice start to the day :)

A hoader dies for a tailors life... said...

Is that a Spam pie? Wow, I never!
Those young butchers look a delight. Why don't butchers look like that anymore? What happened that changed fresh faced specialty tradesman into over-weight, bald, dirty-apron-wearing modern day butcher! *sigh*
you should make aprons maybe with that gut fried lady printed on them, id buy one!

Here's my email drop us a line dear friend....
Buenos Aires says hello.x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Rigel! You are most welcome, it was a compliment well deserved. I would like to be sitting under a spring blossom today too, it's cold here!

Hi Gin! I hope that you received my e-mail...I agree wholeheartedly about the stylish stripey butchers and I love the apron idea. I am so glad that you like my salami lady. :)