Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Part I. I'm not quite happy with this: mainly because the model for my chicken meat skewer was a tiny photo from an 80's Women's Weekly cookbook which in retrospect was too small and unclear to be useful. Or maybe I have just learnt that cooked meat is really hard to draw. Maybe next time I will make the model myself? (Um, minus the lady's head.)

Part II. I have realised that the more surreal moments of Peanuts are my greatest (and until now unconscious) artistic inspiration.
Funny how your childhood never leaves you.
Does anyone else out there see their childhood interests crop up in their own work in an unexpected way?

Images from Charles M. Schulz You're Something Special, Snoopy, London, 1972 (selected cartoons from The Unsinkable Charlie Brown, Vol. 2 first published in 1965). When Schulz was clearly into hallucinogenics.



jaboopee said...

i read this post last night and thought about it today in my studio as i worked on a mosaic and i remembered a pair of clip on earrings my granny gave me that were kind of teardrop shaped prisms that you saw rainbows in whatever the light caught them and in a certain way that is not unlike the irridescent glass i'm using on the bird plumage of my mosaic i'm making at the moment it is a bit like things turning full circle .....if you hadn't asked the question i'd probably not have remembered the earring and put the two together but i think my love of shiny and lustres comes from thanks for that lovely memory ms eterovic....
you also reminded me a the peanuts cartoon strip where charlie brown tells snoopy of his frustrations at sitting beside the 'red-haired ' girl and not knowing what to do or say to her so he just hit her instead !

Sandra Eterovic said...

Elaine, that's so wonderful. I can imagine that to a child a pair of iridescent earrings would have been absolutely magical. And I wonder whether you could trace where your love of particularly striking colour and pattern comes from too? :)
Ha ha -- I love Peanuts and that particular strip makes me think of the sorts of things that I did to boys when I was 12!!!
Thanks as always
Ms Eterovic

Anonymous said...

i enjoy your work so much. i'm happy i found your blog :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Hocus!
How lovely of you to write. I love YOUR work -- your little animals are so funny, full of character, and beautiful too. Great to meet you.