Thursday, 9 September 2010

Looking through old magazines

I love looking through old magazines. There's always the genuine horror of seeing something you once loved suddenly looking ridiculous, a phenomenon which fascinates me no end. And then there are the rarer things that still look beautiful years later: well to this beholder, anyway. I'd love to know what you think...
Above: truant school girls in checked Loretta di Lorenzo pantaloni and Di Micheli caps. Photographs by Arthur Elgort. Vogue Italia, October 1982. Below: a photograph by Peter Lindbergh from the same magazine. I would like that entire outfit -- especially the fine Scapa of Scotland fair isle vest -- right now!

Above: Follow Me Gentlemen, March/ May 1984. Photograph by Graham Shearer. (OK, I admit it's not just about the fair isle pattern on the sweater. )
Above and below: English Elle, April 1987. I could never resist a bit of Liberty, and I think these colours and combinations are just beautiful.
Below: Lei Italia, August 1990. Apron by Fendissime, L40.000 circa. I love wearing aprons. I think they should always be the height of fashion.


rigel said...

Wow, these issues really stood the test of time. These are just the kind of images I would have been ripping out of my Mum's magazines (especially her "Victoria" mags.) I'm glad they still look beautiful to me.

jen storer said...

OMG i love these, sandra. and they all hold up so well. the eighties shoot with the truants is tres fabulous. it's odd, i was only recently thinking about Seventeen magazine and how awestruck i was by it as a teenager... Thanks for the pics and yes, the 'fisherman' is just a little bit 'take home' gorgeous! jx

Sandra Eterovic said...

I'm so glad that you both like them! Yes I would like to take the fisherman home. I reckon he might have stood the test of time as well...!