Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Paumes title: Bureaux a la Maison

My brother and sister-in-law brought me back a copy of the recently released Paumes title Bureaux a la Maison from Tokyo. Nicely wrapped in the Japanese way, and full of gorgeous things, as those little Paumes titles always are. Above: beautiful floral fabric and painted eggs from the home of the botanically inclined stylist Clarisse Demory.
Above: a dark and mysterious corner in the home of Marielle Dhuicque-Henon. (Paumes titles often concentrate on interiors full of bright -- often vintage -- objects against white backgrounds. So in that context a dark corner seems especially exotic.)
Above: a clever hanging vase in the home of stylist Nathalie Redard. Next to the guitar is an Ikea lamp not unlike one that I own. In fact there's alot of Ikea in this book, which probably says just as much about me as it does about the women in it.
Above: gorgeous (possibly Mexican) creatures in the home of Stephanie de Saint-Simon.
Above: a little homage to Hockney -- maybe -- by the brilliant illustrator Marina Vandel (there's always a great discovery to be made in these books).
Above: another exotic grouping of objects on a dark background: what a lamp! And I love those masks. In the home of designer Leslie David.
Above and below: Lili Scratchy, whose work I shamefully didn't know before I saw it in this other Paumes title earlier this year. Above: ceramics in progress. Below: clearly the woman has great taste: the combination of Misako Mimoko dolls and Marge Simpson is an inspired one.


rigel said...

such wonderful, inspiring interiors. i want to swipe that kitty mask from Leslie David's desk. and those ceramics too. it's the bear's face that gets me.

jen storer said...

So, so very lovely. All of it. Thanks!

Sandra Eterovic said...

I am very pleased that you enjoyed that post!

I agree, Rigel, the bear's face is quite incredible, and I would love to see how different it's effect is when coloured up.