Saturday, 18 September 2010

A new sweater for a bruised i-pod

Yesterday on the train I knitted a sweater for my bruised and battered i-pod.

Thousands of tiny people and their instruments live in my i-pod, so it makes sense to keep them warm and safe.
Among them are Mandy Moore's husband, a face painting lady from Adelaide, Golden oldies Bernie 'n' Pete, unkempt Belgians, hirsute blondes with deep voices, a crazy genius from the mother country and lads as sweet as crannachan.

Actually, after a bit of discussion around here, I have decided to put this i-pod sweater into the shop. Next time I am on the train I will entertain my fellow passengers by making another one.


Over and out.


rigel said...

What a sweet lil ipod sweater! A lovely addition to the shop for sure. Have a happy weekend, Sandra!

jen storer said...

What a gorgeous train trip outcome! I love it. maybe you should do seasonal ones, sandra?? btw i finally read your feature in the Design FIles. It was terrific, a real feast for the eyeballs. Many congrats! jx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Rigel and Jen, I am very pleased that you like him! :)

christina said...

Very cute, and I hope you know that Nathalie Lete is going to be at the Blue Illusion store in Malvern this morning at 10 till about 1pm? Should have let you know sooner, hope it got to you anyway and you can get down to see her working : )

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hey Christina,
Thanks so much for letting me know...unfortunately I spent the day in the Virgin terminal at Melb Airport with my 100,000 companions. I hope that you got to meet her and that your day was a helluva lot more exciting....