Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weekend at home = a new beanie

Above: a gathering of men. Mr Worcester has been telling Signor Rossi ad nauseum about his adventures in Sydney at the Inside Out office, having his photograph taken and meeting lots of nice ladies.
Above and below: knitting in progress. My house is starting to look like a shop!
Above and below: a beanie for my friend Bridget. (I am under the impression that she doesn't frequent this blog but I might find out otherwise shortly.) I have never knitted a beanie before, and other than the boring rib, this project was incredibly fast and fun. Friends, from now on you will all be receiving beanies on your birthdays!

Or tea cosies.


jen storer said...

it's funny you know, but Mr Worcester doesn't strike me as a braggart. he looks much to kindly for that. clearly Sydney has 'turned his head'. Beautiful pics, sandra! x

helicopter6 said...

So pleased the gathering of men have had such a nice time! I hope the ladies are worthy of them.

Sandra Eterovic said...

HI Jen -- thanks! I think that the sunshine must have made him a bit dizzy, as he hasn't seen much of that in his short life.

Helicopter6 -- oh yes I am sure that the ladies were more than worthy! (I wrote that in case one of them was reading....)

rigel said...

Oh, I love getting a little peek into your home. Do you use these as product shots on Etsy? They're very good.

Lovely beanie! Hand knit gifts are such a special treat to receive. I really should have paid better attention when my aunts tried to teach me this invaluable skill :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Rigel!
I am glad that you like the beanie. And I have been thinking about what you wrote regarding using these shots for etsy -- I probably should, you know! Thanks!! :)