Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A new clock hand and its lucky older cousin

A new clock hand in the shop, ths one sporting an orange sweater. When I put its red sweater wearing cousin in there I was taken aback when it sold about half an hour later! (It may not be a record for etsy but it certainly was for me.) It was bought by the lovely and talented JenMeister, who made my day again when she sent this very cute picture of herself with her new friend a few days later:
What a stunning model -- and such lovely hands! Thanks again JenMeister -- I very much appreciate your patronage and thank you SO MUCH for the gorgeous photo.


rigel said...

How thoughtful of her to send this adorable photo! I'm not surprised the other one sold so quickly. Your clocks are rad, my dear. And this one is no exception :)

jen storer said...

Now those lovely hands should be in glass, hyperbaric chambers like the hand model in Zoolander! jx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oh thanks Rigel! 'Rad' is a big word! (Or rather, small, but it means something big to me!)

Hello Jen! Ha ha! JenMeister needs her hands so that she can do her homework, and keep time while she is doing it.

Lovely to hear from you both as always. :)