Friday, 15 July 2011

knitting in progress

Knitting in progress. I have taken things a bit too far with the frequent colour changes in this one and there will be a great deal of neatening up to do at the back after I am finished.

I am very inspired by Intelligent Clashing at the moment. How nice that there is someone else apart from me who still appreciates 80's Kaffe Fassett!


jaboopee said...

i'm intrigued as to what your going to say about love in this one. i somehow don't think its 'bargains' love....but that half hidden knitted word does look like bargains !!
i think this is trojan work , knitting like this is very like mosaic work ,
the pages of my kaffe fassett's 'glorious inspiration ' book are very well thumbed too ,
i love your burnt mother illustration, you reminded me of a time when my daughter was born and our dog biddie took my shirt from the line and destroyed it was the only item of clothing that joe ever bought me that i liked ! but poor biddie just couldn't stand the lost attention, she wrecked daughters baby grows too....but once we realised that she was actually human and not just a dog she quickly became daughters older sister....

tan said...

ooo, I love mr fassett! I recommend checking out the series 'glorious colour' he did for channel 4 in the late '80's. It's a real gem!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Elaine,
Great to hear from you, as usual.
This sort of knitting really is like a mosaic -- where the subtle -- or not so subtle gradations of colour are what intrigue the eye. Much like crazy early Kaffe . (And I love that he did not worry about mixing yarn types -- ignorance can certainly be bliss in the creative sphere!)
...Maybe that would be akin to a painter working with oils and acrylics at once?!
Ha! I love your canine variation on the Burnt Mummy story. A wise friend once said through similar experience that dogs and babies don't mix. Turning your dog into a big sister was genius! ;)

Hello Tan!
I would love to see that film -- I didn't realise that it existed....I wonder how hard it would be to obtain. Thank you very much for the tip! :)

Alice said...

Vaya! a mi me gusta tejer... el acto de tejer, pero pocas de mis creaciones llegan a un término feliz... y nunca son con ese grado de elaboración!!!! mi admiración para tu trabajo de tejedora!!!