Sunday 31 August 2008

Illustrative Berlin Entry

Objects found in my home, my books and magazines; painted onto thick paper using acrylic, then cut out with a scalpel and stuck to a surface with blu-tac. They can be re-arranged, like a matching game. Sizes vary, but most arrangements fit onto an A4 sheet of paper. Pssst: These examples have been scanned and the backgrounds cleaned up a bit in Photoshop!Above: The sweater is one that I made when I was nine. I found it at Mum's recently. The lady's leg comes from a Parisian mini-mannequin from the 1940's. (Mini sized couture gowns were made and displayed to promote the couturiers' skills and to please the Parisian public during rationing.)
Above: Jamila henna box from Sonsa, the lovely Turkish supermarket in Smith Street Collingwood. Hook from the Walt Disney version of Peter Pan.

Above: dinosaur with intriguingly human-like features from a Ladybird book.
Above: this one I am not that happy with and think I will amend it -- perhaps it could be holding something.

Above: this one is slightly evil, I like it. Easter Bunny wrapper from a Coles catalogue, Christian lady's safety vest with "Smile God Loves You" badge from (Un)Fashion by Maira and Tibor Kalman, neatly amputated finger from Farquarson's Book of Operative Surgery from the 1960's (not sure, it's not to hand -- ha ha).

Above: boy from Ladybird book.
The above were completed as part of my entry to Illustrative, a competition based in Berlin. The monkey and rooster from my first effort were included too with amendments, but stubbornly refused to be uploaded again. The first paintings from this series can be found by clicking here.