Saturday 26 November 2011

Frida and the sailor

 Frida was an artist.  She sailed around the world with her lover,
 a sailor from Corsica.
They had a dog named Diego.  He was as wild as a grizzly bear.  Or so he thought.

These mirrors are brand new, and they are in the shop.

I quite like my little re-imagined Frida family, she might have preferred it too.

Monday 21 November 2011

More ladies and a manly mirror

A new little lady with a die for a chest and a pair of salami for legs.  When she's finished, she will be a wall-hanging-lady, rather than a standing one, like these: bird and hamburger ladies in the shop (until recently they were marked "made to order").
And a very manly new mirror too.  The first goatee I have painted on a mirror ever!  Classy.

Thursday 17 November 2011

Stitching, cutting, sanding, playing

Stitching some new scarves for Craft Victoria and having a little play with the wooden ladies after cutting and sanding them.

Monday 14 November 2011

The Design Files Open House

From the start I have found the very idea that my work might be part of The Design Files' Open House overwhelming. 

However, now that it's imminent -- and I can see from the pdf directory whose company I will be in -- I am speechless.
How wonderful to have the brilliant Madeleine Stamer and Beci Orpin's creatures protecting my hamburger on either side of this directory page, above.  Lovely and incredibly overwhelming.  (And that's just for starters -- have a look at the rest of the page!!)

Friday 11 November 2011

Something old makes something new

Just playing with some dancing ladies in progress.  One is particularly happy to have a subterranean skirt, nicked from something that I made a while ago.  I am enjoying finding old things to incorporate into new work, it might just take me down a new and unexpected path!

Monday 7 November 2011

Inside Out moustache

Hooray!  My black moustache mirror has made an appearance in Inside Out's Christmas issue.  (Similar mirrors can be found here.)  The house on the cover of the magazine belongs to furniture designer Mark Tuckey and his stylist wife Louella.  A rather unusual cylindrical Art Deco-ish structure, as you can see it is right on the beach in Pittwater in Sydney.  Oh how the wealthy of Sydney live!  (Though as I write this it is  a very beautiful sunny 25 degrees C in Melbourne, so it's not all bad.)  
May you have a sunny day, too.

Thursday 3 November 2011

A new hanger and clock

A little girl hanger that I painted a couple of days ago, made more exciting by being placed on the cover of Stephen Banham's fantastic book, Characters, which I am looking forward to reading from cover to cover.  Congratulations too on your beautiful photos Warren Kirk -- if you are reading this!

A new tattoo clock: a tiger becoming a mermaid with a bird looking on.  Years ago, my friend Steven's big brother got a tattoo on his left pec, based on an Italian cassette cover of mine which showed a modest snake and face arrangement painted on a woman's bottom.  He decided to get some more, and by the time he finished (has he finished?) my inspirational cassette was sadly indistinguishable from the swirl of pictures surrounding it.  Maybe this clock is an homage to Muz, and the moment when things began to go awry.
And here is some music to help you ponder that.