Thursday 1 December 2016

The Jealous Curator's "Fancy Schmancy Gallery"

 "The Art of War" triptych.  Above: Napoleon's Dumb Bell.

 Above: Bag o Money.

Above: The King's Spinach.

Danielle Krysa, AKA The Jealous Curator now has an online gallery, sweetly named Fancy Schmancy.
I was rather honoured to be one of six artists asked to contribute a special work to the first show, in response to the theme "west".  Danielle explains why she chose the theme here.  
Meanwhile, I will explain how I responded to the theme here:
The word "west" immediately calls to mind western films.  And when I think of western films I think of cliches and visual symbols of masculinity, which are things that I love to explore.  I decided to go beyond the western and collect as many interesting symbols of masculinity that I could find, and create an absurd being who consisted only of these symbols.  In the end, I found so many that I had to make three. (Acrylic on wood; each is around A4 size, and they are sold as a set.)