Tuesday 12 June 2018

I now have a website

I finally have a website!  https://www.sandraeterovic.com/ was made using a Squarespace template, manipulated to my wishes by the marvellous Nic McGuffog.  It showcases highlights of my illustration, art and craft work over the last eight years.  I feel proud when I look at it, which is helpful.

I do still love my blog, although I feel that there are far fewer people looking at it now.  Most of the noise is over at Instagram.  Instagram is great for instant gratification, but blogs are way better for telling a story.  (Websites too, come to think of it....!)

I will still post here from time to time.

Monday 30 April 2018

Assorted goings on -- a lot to catch up on!

A bunch of very recent hand painted vintage bats (thanks to bat sleuth Ms Penny Durston of Cottage Industry store).  All sold except the Spam.  It is in my Etsy shop.

An excuse to paint salami.  SOLD.

My illustration in Kookie magazine Such a great publication for girls.

 A card for my favourite cat fan.
My other boyfriend, and the pillowcases I designed for Gorman.

Shout Out to the Girls!  I got to paint the wonderful Stella Young, while listening to her brilliant TED Talk.
A kind of circular cover for Penni Russon's lovely book, The Endsister.

A commissioned portrait of a very fine young lady and her beloved dog.  

A pretend band t-shirt for Frankie magazine.  My self indulgent take on The Triffids.

 It's true -- I really don't like to hear strangers singing.  I don't mean the famous sort, just those annoying people who walk around public places doing it.
True, too.  Sometimes.
Both of these little paintings are in my Etsy shop. They are part of a series.

A mural design for the offices of ANZ!  The biggest Photoshop file I have ever made -- by far.  Nearly broke my computer.

My plants look better en masse in the painters' sink.

The second volume of Nova Weetman's The Secrets We Share!

Poster designs for Archie Bros Electric Circus

Pretty much the highlight of my illustrating year in 2017: acrylic on wood poster designs for Archie Bros Cirque Electriq entertainment venues, the first of which is in Sydney. 

At The Dolls House

Hello!  It has been a while.  I hope you've well.  
I'd like to show you some work from my exhibition "I forgot to clean the windows'"at The Dolls House in Thornbury, March 2018.  

Here's the story:

In November 2017, a photographer and stylist flew down from Sydney to shoot the interior of my home for a book. They didn’t know that in anticipation I had studied my Pinterest “Interiors” board daily for two months, bought the latest copy of British Elle Decoration, borrowed countless World of Interiors magazines, and two books by Ilse Crawford. I asked a shop called Modern Times to loan back four paintings that I had consigned them. I purchased overpriced pot plants, gave my Ikea Billy bookshelf away on Gumtree, and replaced it with grungy brown furniture from my studio. I forked out for a drawing by a French artist who lives in London, and a painting by an illustrator who lives in Norfolk, only one of which arrived before the shoot. I hid my ironing table, phone charger, dirty apron, tea towels, underwear, a packet of Panadol, unread super documents, grocery lists, my boyfriend’s rabbit fur moccasins, supersized Listerine and hair gel. I put away my Thank You pump soap and replaced it with an Aesop Resurrection. And I cleaned above the bookshelf. But I forgot to clean the windows."

Thank you very much to Sophia Cai and Rebecca Mayo!

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Four girls for Frankie magazine

I had such fun working on these illustrations for Frankie magazine (issue 78), for an article by Sophie Kalagas on Australian school life during the twentieth century.  A really interesting read, too.

Thursday 18 May 2017

New Nature Girl

New Nature Girl was painted for the Illustrators Australia 'Paper to Pixel' exhibition at The Collingwood Gallery until May 25.  It is available from there as an A3 print.  The original artwork (30 x 40 cm, acrylic on plywood) also happens to be across the road at In.cube8r's GRRL exhibition.  This coincidence of geography and timing was not deliberate on my part....!

Sunday 30 April 2017

Random goings on lately

Above: Gardening Australia magazine, March.  Some blooms seem to spring out suddenly, like a Jack-in-the-box!
 Above: This ideas woman is in my Etsy shop, I decided to rephotograph her in a more minimalist(!) setting.
 Above: a detail from a painting which I will tell you more about soon.
 Above: my studio in Tatanja Ross's wonderful book Thank you for Having Me!  More details here.

Above: the Lonely Hipster cushion looking quite eerily like a real bloke on my bed the other day....
(He is the last one in that particular style, by the way.)

Friday 10 March 2017

New things in my Etsy shop, and more besides

 Above: a little spot for reading.
 Above: my work is still available from Sager Braudis gallery in Missouri, or online here.

 Above: hooray!  My work in the latest issue of Frankie magazine - twice!  Here, in the home of the illustrious Mrs Emily Green (fear not, she doesn't have a giant wrinkled finger living in her kitchen, just the wooden hand clock).  More clocks here.  Mr Mortadellla here.
 Above: a little studio still life.  The patchwork O man is in my Etsy shop, should you be admiring him.
Above: please buy these cushions!  I won't be making them ever again, so you will be sorry if you miss out.  (The upside down heart has gone already).

 Above: Gardening Australia magazine, March.  The single gardener's nightmare: the date arrives bearing a plastic bouquet.
 Above: a birthday greeting for my favourite cat lover.
 Above: still one of my favourite all time phrases/ sentences.  SOLD.
 Above: two new clocks made to coincide with the Frankie feature!  They are also in my Etsy shop.  The two painted bats, below, are there too.

 Above: a detail from a very funny pet portrait commission.  A little cat asleep in a very large seashell.
 Above: bedroom scene including my Lady with Lizard painting.

 Above: these are in my Etsy shop, too.

Above: my Charles Darwin.  Probably wouldn't be that happy with the way the world has evolved.  Huh.