Monday, 30 April 2018

Assorted goings on -- a lot to catch up on!

A bunch of very recent hand painted vintage bats (thanks to bat sleuth Ms Penny Durston of Cottage Industry store).  All sold except the Spam.  It is in my Etsy shop.

An excuse to paint salami.  SOLD.

My illustration in Kookie magazine Such a great publication for girls.

 A card for my favourite cat fan.
My other boyfriend, and the pillowcases I designed for Gorman.

Shout Out to the Girls!  I got to paint the wonderful Stella Young, while listening to her brilliant TED Talk.
A kind of circular cover for Penni Russon's lovely book, The Endsister.

A commissioned portrait of a very fine young lady and her beloved dog.  

A pretend band t-shirt for Frankie magazine.  My self indulgent take on The Triffids.

 It's true -- I really don't like to hear strangers singing.  I don't mean the famous sort, just those annoying people who walk around public places doing it.
True, too.  Sometimes.
Both of these little paintings are in my Etsy shop. They are part of a series.

A mural design for the offices of ANZ!  The biggest Photoshop file I have ever made -- by far.  Nearly broke my computer.

My plants look better en masse in the painters' sink.

The second volume of Nova Weetman's The Secrets We Share!

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