Thursday 29 November 2012

The Design FIles Open House 2012 is - OPEN!

I am a bit late with this post as one of the four precious days of The Design Files Open House 2012 is already over.  The opening was last night, and as in 2011, it was an absolute treat and a testament to the talent and hard work of Ms Lucy Feagins and her team.  In Windsor this time, it is absolutely worth the trip over the river if you are a Northerner.  Fantastic for Christmas presents, or just drooling.  I'll have an Oslo Davis print....most of the Emily Green chandelier.....a Cottage Industry checked oven glove....the giant pile of Marimekko well as the Tractor Home one with the embroidered beetles.  And about 50 other things.  In fact I might just move into the kids' room (which is incidentally exactly what I wanted to do last year).  The pieces shown above are those that I have made especially for the house.  Go in and spot 'em!  They are in incredible company and I feel very proud.  There is a lot of talent in this city.  Thank you so much Ms Lucy.  Oh, and lovely Lisa too.

Sunday 25 November 2012

It's electrifying

Very, very indirectly inspired by the incredible work of Stephen Bird and Philip Eglin*, I decided to finally use the Pebeo porcelain paint that I bought about five years ago on some boring white plates that I had at home.  It felt as though I was painting with nail polish, and I haven't baked the finished plates yet, but overall I am quite happy with the result.  Plain white china at Sandra's house, look out!  (Unfortunately, although washable once baked, Pebeo's porcelain paint does not go well with food.)

*Comparing mass produced dishes + craft paint to the work of these fantastic artists would not just be insulting to them, but to anyone with a degree in ceramics, oops, sorry.....!!


LATER: still too scared to bake the plates, in case the thickly painted parts melt across the surface or splotch....if anyone out there has any tips and/or reassurance, please let me know!

Sunday 18 November 2012

Beyond chuffed!

For years it was a dream of mine to have my work stocked at Craft Victoria, and I am beyond chuffed that a few pieces have been included in their beautiful new Christmas catalogue.  I have been having a little conversation with Evie Barrow about creativity and confidence (which began with her beautiful and generous post here).  Seeing my work in such a gorgeous catalogue makes me grateful that I persisted through innumerable periods of self doubt.  (And hopefully I will persist in the future.)
Happy Sunday.
Oh, by the way: photos 1 & 3 include my Sitting Person; photo 2 includes my little painting Let Your Feelings Show based on an advertisement in a 1980 Dolly magazine; while photo 4 includes my hand stitched pale lilac linen scarf.  Chuffed, and also liking a dangerous number of things surrounding around my work....not least Shuh Lee's necklace and the green OK stockings....I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping already.....possibly I need to buy some presents for myself.....

Thursday 15 November 2012

House photos

Thanks very much WK (he of this and that) for these fantastic pictures which make my house look better than it actually is!

Thursday 8 November 2012

Illustrators' exhibition and craft market this weekend

This weekend I will be taking part in an inaugural market which will be part of Illustrators Australia's annual 9 x 5 show.  (Last year's 9 x 5 post here.)  As usual, illustrators were sent a 9 x 5 inch piece of wood in the mail, on which they were to paint an illustration in according to a set theme.  This year's was Carnivale, and it has resulted in some fantastic work.
My piece is entitled Carnival Mask.  It was one of those pulling-teeth projects I must admit: I avoided doing it until the last minute and virtually had to be tied to my chair, possibly not unlike some circus act.  And not unlike some circus act, I ended up performing and came up with something I was mostly OK with.  This and that could be better...or different...but hey -- there is only one way to learn, and that is by doing.  I have finally realised.
The market and exhibition will be at Space 39.  I will have a full selection of cards and prints, a small selection of mirrors and wooden items, as well as the exhibition entry above.  Please come and say hello!
Cut and pasted from the Illustrators' site....

SPACE 39, Lvl 2, 39 Little Collins St, Melbourne
FRIDAY 9TH NOVEMBER 6pm-9pm – Includes Silent Auction of works starting at $195, carnivale performances by Lana Sway andMagdalena Whirly Bird, drinks and nibbles.
Open Saturday 10th Nov & Sunday 11th Nov, 11am-3pm

Sunday 4 November 2012

Oh my god: 100 pages of Etsy favourites!?!?!

And so I have 100 pages of favourite items on Etsy.  Is that something to be proud of?  I'm not sure.  In the three years that I have had my own shop on the site, I have bought plenty of vintage items and art work, mostly found by looking at other people's favourites.  I guess that that is how I have sold a lot my own work too....
Either way, it forms an interesting record of one's taste in things.  Here are some recent favourites.  Above: Arabia Finland strawberry jam jar from Junkhouse (hardly!).

Above: 1933 bookplate from Vintage Inclination.
Above: vintage Russian vase from GoGoBerlinette.
Above: Advancing in familiar light: handmade greeting card based on a drawing by the very talented Helen Gibbins.  
Above: vintage cast iron apple door stop from compost this.
Above: print by Becca Stadtlander.
Above: Rose de Borman's hand painted silk lion cushion.  I find everything she makes incredibly covetable.  One day....
Above: Amy Blackwell's beautiful odd hand knitted mittens (sold unfortunately: but still inspiring).
Above: print by Emma Lewis.
Above: print by Rob Hodgson.

I tend to like a lot of British artists, actually.

Sorry about the lack of posts.  I have been working on a few things for The Design Files Open House which I can't show on the blog just yet.  I am very proud to be involved again!

Enjoy your Sunday.