Friday 31 August 2012

Holiday snaps

Hello,  I am back from my holiday!  As suspected, I was technically incapable of posting while I was away, but I will make up for it by showing some interesting finds in the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, here are some snaps, mostly taken in my parents' home town of Pucisca on the island of Brac.  (I like to do my bit for the local tourist board.)
 Above: the view from my aunt's terrace is fantastic.
 Above: The annual procession of the Feast of the Assumption.
Above: my expectant cousin Iva looks for her dog in front of the lighthouse that our late grandfather once looked after.
 Above: bathers at the 'post office' pier.  My aunt sits among them.
 Above and below: the market in Split.

Above: the city of Split is famous for its Roman palace, built as a retirement home for the emperor Diocletian in the fourth century A.D.  Some time after the fall of the Empire, ordinary citizens took it over, and have been living in its nooks and crannies ever since.  It's a fantastic place to visit.
 Above: the church in Supetar, another town on the island of Brac.
 Above: sad bin.
Above: sad tourist.  Not me.