Thursday 17 September 2015

Strike - further to previous post

Rather remiss of me not to include the actual portrait characters created for Strike (see post below).  These were painted using acrylic on wood, and are A4 size.  The finished size at the bowling centre is rather larger!


Yes!  Mural sized versions of my illustrations at Strike Highpoint (Melbourne). La la la la la karaoke.....

A dangerous handsome welcome to the toilets.
Highly detailed, fun, pretty wallpaper ... with sting.
My favourite of all six of the characters, and the prettiest of toilet welcomes.
I am very proud of the illustrations that I have painted for Strike Highpoint.  Clever designer Terence Bergagna and Casa Forte Group.  Good on you, Strike, for taking a big risk and doing something different with your decor.  It was a pleasure to work with you all.

Thursday 10 September 2015

The last few weeks....

Above: Illustration for Gardening Australia magazine, September.
Above:  Illustration for brand new food magazine Bread Wine and Thou.
 Above: a wintery painted bat that is in my Etsy shop.
Above and below: details from a couple of paintings that I am working on for a show at Boom Gallery in November.

 Above: a detail from an illustration which will appear on The Conversation soon.
Above: and -- last but not least! -- I have received a copy of the Sidney Nolan book that I illustrated earlier this year!  Very exciting.  I am so impressed by the quality of the colour reproductions: they are SO true to the colours in my paintings.  The book will be available in October.