Monday 22 December 2014

Around the place this week

 Indecisive notebook Virginia, above.
Above: Black Rock last week at around 6:30pm, looking a tad dramatic and quite lovely.

 Above: A painting, a print of another painting and objects in front.  More is more I say.
Above: look carefully and you will see my new studio companion.  A tiny tiny mouse on the bookshelf.  He wasn't shy either: he came forward and said hello a few times.  He also did some poo on my books, which was less appealing.  I think we need a studio cat.
Above: I found an old piece of work behind a bookshelf (at home).  Some spots of mildew on it, but I don't mind it, and am actually quite impressed by the trouble I went to with the drapery.  (Not so the hands: but what else is new?!)

Above: a few things on the wall of the studio, photo taken this morning when the eastern sun was coming in through the left.  The soup-making photo on the right is the work of Irving Penn.

Sunday 14 December 2014

This week

Above: work in progress. (Very blue-ish photo I have just realised, sorry).
Above: an assortment of original illustrations on wood (gardening and Japanese food related) is now in the shop.
Above: a very sweet little book from the Ukraine which I received in the mail.
Above: view from the couch.  (Yes!  I DID get to lie on the couch for a short while!)
Above: the back garden after the rain.
Above: the zippered purses were such a hit at Markit, that I decided to make some more.  These are also in the shop.  Happy Sunday!

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Craft's Christmas 2014 catalogue

My little salami lady friend above is very proud to show you a postcard for Craft's summer range which features my Volcano cushion.
My Campfire cushion (exclusive to Craft) and Volcano cushion with some fantastic friends, above.
 My Lonely Hipster print, above.  Volcano cushion yet again, below.
Below: on the fridge is my Lady and Flowers card (presently sold out but still available as an A4 print) in excellent company!
Wow!!  I am really proud to have my work featured in Craft's online summer catalogue promotion.  Great house, too.....Apart from being in the company of some extremely talented makers, being accepted by the fraternity of Craft Victoria means a great deal to me.  Thank you very much Sarah, Leesa and everyone else at Craft!
Photos by Hilary Walker.  (Sorry about the cropping....)

Thursday 4 December 2014

The Design Files Open House 2014

The Design Files Open House 2014 is -- well -- OPEN!  It is a huge privilege to be involved in Lucy Feagins' incredibly ambitious project of bringing her beautiful blog to life, AND for the fourth year running.  (Fifth if you count Sydney 2013 separately!)  The colour palette this year is particularly interesting, and there's plenty of great art and handmade metal, perspex, glass and ceramic items.  Hooray for Lucy's ongoing support for us little makers!  Photos above are taken from Eve Wilson's, see more here.

Above: the sum total of items I have made for Open House this year.  All acrylic on wood.  (The relative sizes are not shown correctly, more details here.)  I had a fantastic time at the opening last night.  SOOO great to meet Helen Bayley from Lovestar and Emma Lipscombe, who came all the way from Brisbane and Perth respectively, just for the event.  (I came from two streets away so it made me appreciate how great our city is all the more!)  I also got to chat with the lovely Georgia Perry, a recent immigrant from Sydney, and again appreciated how supportive we Melbourne creative types are of one another, especially through bodies like Craft Victoria.  Don't take it for granted!!
I did however make a bit of a crazy fan idiot of myself upon meeting my gardening idol Georgina Reid.  I may never live it down.  I hope she really was just tired and needed to change her shoes....

Monday 1 December 2014

Tiny Portraits for Jo Grant's Home Show

These tiny portraits -- 10 x 10cm each -- will be part of curator/ artist Jo Grant's annual group exhibition Home Show this weekend in Port Fairy.  Last year's was a great success, and I reckon this year's will be too.  I recommend that you pop by if you are in the area!

Home Show 
1 Avery Street
Port Fairy
Saturday December 6 - Sunday December 7
Open from 10am to 3pm daily