Saturday 21 March 2015

Around the place in the last month!

Good morning......This is where I am sitting right now.  I apologise for my blog absence, it is mostly because I have been working on a big project that I am not really able to share with you yet.

I have been trying to decide whether to put the (rather heavy plywood) painting of my lounge room in my lounge room.  I had it propped up against the wall for a few days.  And then a storm hit, and I thought it best to take it down.

Black and white Pete.

The inside of a worm.  (Colours not correct.)

Bird and flowers.  Inspired by a vintage fabric design.

 I have been working on illustrations for a children's book!!!  I have been enjoying the experience very, very much.  These tiny details are all I can show you for now, unfortunately.  I am looking forward to being able to show you the whole thing.
Gardening Australia magazine illustration, April.  (The glove was later changed to charcoal grey in Photoshop.)