Friday 10 March 2017

New things in my Etsy shop, and more besides

 Above: a little spot for reading.
 Above: my work is still available from Sager Braudis gallery in Missouri, or online here.

 Above: hooray!  My work in the latest issue of Frankie magazine - twice!  Here, in the home of the illustrious Mrs Emily Green (fear not, she doesn't have a giant wrinkled finger living in her kitchen, just the wooden hand clock).  More clocks here.  Mr Mortadellla here.
 Above: a little studio still life.  The patchwork O man is in my Etsy shop, should you be admiring him.
Above: please buy these cushions!  I won't be making them ever again, so you will be sorry if you miss out.  (The upside down heart has gone already).

 Above: Gardening Australia magazine, March.  The single gardener's nightmare: the date arrives bearing a plastic bouquet.
 Above: a birthday greeting for my favourite cat lover.
 Above: still one of my favourite all time phrases/ sentences.  SOLD.
 Above: two new clocks made to coincide with the Frankie feature!  They are also in my Etsy shop.  The two painted bats, below, are there too.

 Above: a detail from a very funny pet portrait commission.  A little cat asleep in a very large seashell.
 Above: bedroom scene including my Lady with Lizard painting.

 Above: these are in my Etsy shop, too.

Above: my Charles Darwin.  Probably wouldn't be that happy with the way the world has evolved.  Huh.