Friday 26 February 2016

A catch up!

Hello!  The reason why I haven't been on social media much this year is that I have been working on quite a few private commissions.  Above: a small detail from a wooden bat that I painted especially for a lovely couple in Sydney.
 Above: Illustration for Gardening Australia magazine.
Above: Ben, part of a series of self portraits that I painted a couple of years ago as part of an exhibition at Boom Gallery.  In each portrait I am lovingly making a man's name.  This one is in the Etsy shop now, along with lots of other recent additions.
 Above: revisiting an old favourite for a particularly large and lovely commission!
Above: business cards for Casa Forte Group, utilising portraits that I painted of Terence Bergagna and Tina Tran last year.  I think they look very cute!
Above: there's a Yeah No cushion in my Etsy shop, and in real life at Craft Victoria as well.  It is a digital print of my original knitted design.
Above: a birthday card for a very special cat lover.  I rarely paint cats, and this one became a lot more detailed than I anticipated.