Monday, 21 November 2011

More ladies and a manly mirror

A new little lady with a die for a chest and a pair of salami for legs.  When she's finished, she will be a wall-hanging-lady, rather than a standing one, like these: bird and hamburger ladies in the shop (until recently they were marked "made to order").
And a very manly new mirror too.  The first goatee I have painted on a mirror ever!  Classy.


swinkie said...

oh I love salami leggy lady...stop tempting me with your handiwork!!

jen storer said...

She's just lovely! love her salami legs, she'd look great hanging in a deli! jx

renilde said...

I love your little ladies Sandra, x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you very much Sandra W, Jen and Renilde!

I do like the idea of her decorating a butcher's shop...My paternal grandfather was a butcher, I wonder whether he would have liked her.