Friday, 7 November 2008

By the Seaside

Above: I have turned a sketch I did a few years ago into a piece of vector art for the iStock submission (as I discussed in the previous post). You would think that by having a sketch at the ready to trace the vector art wouldn't take that long, but it has taken me most of today. Drawing an entire picture by making bezier curves with a computer mouse is not much fun. It becomes fun when you finish drawing and start filling in the colours. The hardest part was doing the girl's face. It needed to look simple but not overly so, and a bit retro. I quite like the result but I'm not sure whether she should look happier considering she is on holiday.


genevieve said...

She looks occupied. So I'm sure her mother is happy anyway!
Lovely work, Sandra, what a wonderful blog this is.

Anonymous said...

I agree she looks occupied and this is what usually children look when they play intensively.. anyway i like it very much and even if she was less expressive the picture would be great.. mi piace tanto.. na zalost nemam puno vremena za vidit sve slike i komentirat sve..

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Genieveve, you are very lovely for stopping by again.

And thank you Anonymous -- there's only one tri-lingual friend that I have -- that is, in the one sentence! ;)

Ne trebas komentirati, drago mi je da gledas po nekad -- Ciao Cucinello!