Friday, 16 January 2009

Neighbourhood Watch

Above: As previously shown in progress here, this is my entry for the Linden Postcard Show, a house made of balsa wood with a sign depicting a smiling Wayne Carey. I have called it Neighbourhood Watch, partly in honour of the questionable types that the average Australian tends to place on a pedestal. (Yes, it could become a series.) On another level, Wayne Carey himself is the product of a very difficult childhood and with alot of tragic things going on behind closed doors all over this country, the idea of a "Neighbourhood Watch" is laughable.

Putting the house together was surprisingly quick. The glue took hardly any time to dry, and the pieces sat together easily as they were incredibly light. So Nick was right after all -- balsa wood is the way to go. Though I will probably learn shortly that it is a highly questionable material in environmental terms, and why can't I just go out and find some old wood to recycle, etc., etc...?!

January 9: NEWS! My work won second prize! Today all the recipients were photographed near one of the brimming-full walls. Standing in the centre smirking at the camera, I felt like the lead singer of a rock band. My fifteen minutes.

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