Monday, 13 April 2009

Some Greetings Cards for Seed

Above: one of the enjoyable things about the day job lately is the opportunity to design new products. It is relatively easy to translate my appliques into greetings card designs, especially as the "real" Seed graphic designer* is the one who actually sends off the final art with all the cropmarks, etc., included on it. Choosing which designs to print and which ones to leave out is harder! That's generally a decision shared by about 3 - 4 people. So really, I don't do all that much but provide the initial design and ideas for what colours it should be in.
Here, a motif based on a couple of photographs of model aeroplanes found on the net. To see how it appears as an applique, click here.
Above: the chicken which appears on bright blue and grey marle girls' t-shirts, has been changed to a more greetings card-commercial shade of pale pink. His colours had to be modified slightly to suit.
Above: this little owl is in sombre neutral colours for the customer who is presumably buying a gift for a baby which is still in utero. I have ceased to be surprised by the number of customers who still expect and adhere to the old "blue" and "pink" baby gender identifiers. So this is where my study of feminist theory at university has led me! Oh dear...
* "real" graphic designer, you ask? This is the person who looks after the signage in the stores, designs the carry-bags, labels, tags, gift-boxes, updates the layout of the website and sometimes even elements of the visual merchandising (during the tennis in January our little store mannequins made special Seed tea and in the springtime they gardened holding packets of Seed seeds). I look after the graphic elements for the products themselves.

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