Monday, 3 May 2010

A house in progress + Jem Southam

Above: there's still alot left to do on this house which I began painting on wood this afternoon. An opportunity to show the photo that inspired it, below and a few more by the British landscape photographer Jem Southam.
Above: Nineteenth Century Miner's Cottage, Brea.

Above: Pengegon Flower Show.

Above: Bolenowe. All from Jem Southam, Landscape Stories, Princeton, 2005. A serendipitous encounter at the Readings bargain table. Southam's work captures the melancholy beauty of the English winter. And the colours in his photographs have to be seen to be believed: if the book is this good then his prints must be breathtaking. They take me back to the winters I spent on the island of my ancestors, when memories of hedonistic childhood summers were flipped cruelly on their underside: dark, bleak cold and a constant reminder between the white washed walls and rosaries of my Catholic grandmother's house of the imminence of our decay. A perfect source of teenage despair.


Elaine Prunty said...

the landscapes you;ve pictured are really irish too....i'm really surprised to here of croatia being described as dark bleak and cold , but catholism seems to do that to a country...

i was in pula once many many years was summer and it was far from dark blead and cold ...i enjoyed manys the 'mishmash' ......

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Elaine!
Yes, I would imagine that Southam's work would recall Ireland as well.
Pula is a gorgeous part of Croatia. I don't know exactly what a mishmash is, but I'll bet it was good....!