Monday, 14 June 2010

New items on etsy

Craft Hatch last Saturday was great fun. It was so lovely to meet such a great number of people (aged 8 to 80!), with highly varied interests and reasons for going to a craft fair. Thank you to all the people who came and said hi -- and of course to all of the incredibly lovely people who bought something! It means alot to me. I really hope that you enjoy your new things. My one regret is that I did not take the time to meet ALL of the other sellers properly (hi Konstant Kaos - you clearly did !) and not just the ones around me. There was alot of beautiful and inspiring stuff to see. Next time.
Today I have been adding a few new items to the etsy shop. (I forgot how long that takes -- ugh.) Above: Otto the Orangerie Man. Below: Man and Cow.

Above: Lady is the House. Below: Lady with village on her head.

Above: a print of the Apple Man has also been added, a detail of which is shown here. And below: a sticker set -- which was Deborah from Kickcan and Conkers' suggestion. (Thanks Deborah -- they were all snapped up rather early on Saturday too!)

Above: a sticker use suggestion from my alter ego, Signora Cassata. She lives in Bologna and enjoys a good ragu followed by a rather large gelato.

Soon I will be adding some new mirrors and greetings cards to the shop.

Before I go and waste yet another night of my life staring at Masterchef, I must say an enormous thank you to all of the friends and family who came and lent their support -- each in their own special way -- on Saturday. It means a huge amount to me. Grazie mille!


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Great to hear that the fair went well - and that your stickers sold out!!! I'll pop them in my I Like sidebar today.
You have a wonderful imagination, I'm sure you're a fun person to know!

Margaret said...

That's the problem when you are by yourself all day, you just don't get the time to chat with other stall holders other than the ones that are next door to you. Great seeing your stuff in the flesh though!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Deborah -- I hope you're well. Thank you for putting the stickers into your sidebar -- they are in great company! "Fun"? Maybe occasionally!!!

Hi Margaret -- it was really good to meet you. I did get a little glance over at your lovely patchwork. I hope that we get to catch up properly at another craft fair soon!