Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Introducing Mr Jones, Meat Purveyor

Introducing Mr Jones, Meat Purveyor. I am working from home again today so he will have to wait until next weekend to be cut out at the studio and placed on a stand like his friends. Mr Jones will be rather more advanced than his friends though, as he will have a moveable knife-wielding arm, as soon as I can work out how to facilitate that. O Brother Where Art Thou?
Above: part of my inspiration, a 1960's London butcher "wearing the straw boater of his trade".
From The Cooking of the British Isles by Adrian Bailey, Time Life Books, 1969.

-- I'll have to post more from this gem of a book soon.


oh,henry! said...

this is so good!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you Irrena! :)