Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Some wooden people on a white background

Above: Man with Woman Running on his Head.
Above: Mr Jones, Meat Purveyor. (I found a good selection of paper fasteners to use for the arms and legs at Dean's. Made my day.)
Above: Man and Cow. (He's already in the shop.)

I attended Craft Victoria's fantastic annual Craft and Design as a Career seminar last Friday. Among the sea of ideas was Lucy Feagin's simple advice to photograph one's work on a white background, as it can then be used in any context. That was a relief to me, as I often find styling my shots a bit painful, knowing that the things I choose to surround my work with might put people off as often as they might draw them in. So a white background it is, although it does little to give a sense of scale. And in my case, I had so little light coming in through the windows on a rainy afternoon, that I had to blast the pictures up in Photoshop to a ridiculous degree. But I think that my photos are improving. Slowly.


renilde said...

Yes,your work looks great photographed this way,there is nothing to distract the attention from the work itself and I like it.

rigel said...

Oh man, product shots can be so daunting, yes?
These look super to me. But your work is too compelling not to shine, no matter what background you use :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks Renilde and Rigel -- I'm beaming!