Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Middle Eastern Inspiration

I love the play on western and eastern painting styles in these images from Islamic Art by Barbara Brend, London, 1991. Above: Portrait of Shahzadeh Ali Quli Mirza by Yusuf in the Qajar style 1280/ 1863. "The prince was the Minister for Science, Commerce and the Arts," writes Brend. A fittingly rich context.
Above: I call this little lady the Frida Kahlo of the east. A portrait of an acrobat, it is painted in oil, shaped to fit a wall niche. (She can be seen in colour at the V&A, London.) 1830 - 40.
Above: Iranian horse calligram, 1266/ 1849 - 50.
Above: I love that Bahram Gur is leaping into the composition in order to slay the dragon. A page from Khamseh, copied by "the slave Bihzad" in 898/1493. Before the days of colour copiers.
Above: last but not least, "The lion advised by his mother" from a Kalilah wa Dimnah, Syria (or Egypt) 755/ 1354.

AND....I am proud to announce that Sedonia is now stocking my greeting cards! Very exciting -- such an incredibly beautiful shop: yesterday I was in there for a mere ten minutes and I am still dreaming about the candy striped Ici et La deckchairs, mushroom shaped lamp and red clogs. Lucky citizens of Seddon!

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ameskeria said...

I like a lot the first image, such a beautiful colour!
Congrats about the greeting cards, the shop looks amazing!