Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Above: I decided to make another attempt at a "fashion illustration" to round out my folio.  Although it is arguably closer than this first attempt, my overall opinion of this picture is a big yawn.  Not sure what my problem is, other than the obvious which is that perhaps I have (almost) completely lost interest in fashion.  But I am going to keep trying.

Above: these days in the real world I am attempting to be green, concentrating on special items as an antidote to "fast fashion."  I hand stitched this dark grey linen scarf last week and it is now in the shop.  There is a similar one at Craft Victoria.  Today will definitely be a linen scarf day here in Melbourne, no need for woollens!  Hooray!!

By the way,  I am having A LOT of trouble understanding the fancy new Blogger posting system, after assuring my studio friend Peter that it was really simple.

AUGUST 6 addition to this post: a brilliant article by former fashion editor Charty Durrant on the tyranny of fast fashion.  (Via etsy.)

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