Saturday, 14 April 2012

Svijet oko Nas: a favourite book

Images from Svijet Oko Nas (The World Around Us) a children's encyclopedia first published by Skolska Knjiga, Zagreb, in 1960.  These images are from volume I.  My brother and I adored these books, and we still argue over who they belong to today.  I will state here officially that he had the rights to volume I, and mine were to volume II, but I kindly allow him to look after both.
Some more spectacular images in my flickr set.


Saskia said...

That first image is gasp-worthy! Just beautiful. I had to share it on Pinterest - hope you don't mind.

Erin said...

Oh these pages do look so interesting!! Kind of reminds me of some Russian children's books that I have seen and loved. Lucky you that this is still with you (or with your brother hehe). x

swinkie said...

how lucky are you to have a gem set even if you have to share them! And I love all the photos below of your glorious work/studio... I could feast on them for days and days and more days. xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Saskia -- glad you like them and you are always welcome to share on Pinterest.

Thanks Erin and Sandra too -- they are rather like Russian illustration, I agree.