Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Northern Exposure A3 Show

I am taking part in the Northern Exposure Festival's annual A3 Show which is held in conjunction with Illustrators Australia.    I am offering the signed original artwork for The Man of Flowers and The Hamburger Ballerina -- acrylic on paper and watercolour on paper respectively -- at what I think is a pretty good price!  The exhibition opens this Friday evening.  There is a great selection of prints and originals available, click here to have a look.

Northcote Town Hall
Ground Floor, Room 2
189 High St, Northcote Vic 3070
Friday 15th - Saturday 23rd June.


sister outlaws said...

I'll be at the Northcote Town Hall on Saturday for the winter market there so I'll make sure I get a chance to have a look!

Unknown said...

Just went to Craft Vic, my daughter Hazel wanted to take the man with flowers card, she was hanging on so tight! Beautiful work x

swinkie said...

ps I mushroomed you

Sandra Eterovic said...

That's lovely Julianne, I think you will enjoy the show!

Emma -- that is so gorgeous, no greater compliment than little kids liking my work, I say! Thank you. :)

Mushroomed?! Can't wait to find out exactly what that means, Ms Wink!