Sunday, 19 May 2013

A weekend assortment

Just recording two of the larger pieces from my exhibition which I have not shown here already.  The Severance of Relations Between East and West above about a failed relationship, and Burda Moden Juli 1977 below.  Burda magazine was very influential to me as a child.  It is partly responsible for the things I am drawn to aesthetically, and it has provided a good deal of my crafting inspiration too.  If you have a moment, click into this very old post.  It is still one of my very favourite things on this blog.

Contemporary craft above: a new stitched linen scarf that is presently in the shop.  Modelled by my beautiful sister in law EE.  A generous and patient woman!  Thanks E!!!!

Yesterday I decided that I was bored with my old Country Road jumble sale scarf and thought I'd stitch that too.  It didn't take long: I did most of it at JP's house.  JP in turn showed me a pair of suede desert boots that he MADE HIMSELF: that's taking craft to giddy heights!  More of his fantastic work here.


Essie E said...

The stitching on your Country Road scarf looks amazing! You're very sweet - I'm happy to be the mysterious scarved lady for you. xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks so much Essie E! You give my scarves class. :-)

Saskia said...

Really lovely scarf work Sandra. Burda was huge in my house too when I was growing up. Mum subscribed to it, and Ariadne (a classic Dutch craft/sewing mag). I SO wish she'd kept them all though.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oohh - I'd love to see an Ariadne magazine, I'm not familiar with it. The only problem is that the really old magazines have so many black and white pages. We ought to be more grateful for our jam packed world of full colour!