Friday, 22 November 2013


I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response to the five portraits that I painted as part of The Design Files Open House in Melbourne.  Thank you so much to everyone who left lovely comments on Instagram, tagged, followed and even BOUGHT one!!!  Meanwhile, the five ladies above are destined for Open House in Sydney in two weeks' time.  (You can see each in more detail if you scroll down this blog or look here.) If you would like to put first dibs on one, I don't think that Lisa from The Design Files would mind.  These paintings are acrylic on wood, measure just over 30 x 40 cm not including the lovely blonde wood frame, vital statistics exactly as the Melbourne ladies in the previous post.

Thank you so much everyone!


sister outlaws said...

A well deserved out pouring of loveliness for you Sandra - they really are special pieces!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you so much Julianne! It has been absolutely crazy. :-)

Evie said...

all so utterly deserved! you are amazing, super talented and you know love your work. i love that you are on instagram now too : ) i dont even use hashtags... suppose i should google them as well. enjoy x

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you SO MUCH Evie!!! :-)
My Instagram addiction is so bad that I had to double my phone account, and even then it went over 50% usage with more than two weeks to go!!! I need a new drug........

Unknown said...

Sandra I just started following you on Instagram. I bought your gorgeous Asian girl portrait. Totally in love with it! Now I'm looking at your Sydney portraits and I want that 50's style one!! How can I buy that one as well??

You are so so talented. Will you be having a gallery showing?

Kind Regards,


Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Olivia! Lovely to meet you -- it's always so nice to be able to thank people who buy my work -- so, THANK YOU!!!

I am chuffed that you would like another one....the best option would be to contact Lisa Marie Corso. You could probably find her email address on The Design Files or contact her via her Instagram feed.

Thank you so much Olivia -- I really appreciate your support!

All the best