Saturday, 1 March 2014

Around the place this week....

 Above: Yesterday morning I used my fountain pen to draw a page of different plant shapes, in preparation for a nice freelance project.
 Above: my acrylic on wood girl hanger + a fantastic illustration from the 70s by E. Schongut.
Above: Sometimes the back of one's work can look more interesting than the front.

 Above: a nice anthropomorphic symbol found in the nut shop on Lygon Street North.
Above: my acrylic on wood "banks" biding their time before the heater is switched back on in a month or so....
Above: a fantastic vintage fabric which I purchased from Etsy and received this week.  More here.


Jo Grant said...

LOVE your page of ballpoint drawings. So cool. Have a nice weekend!

sister outlaws said...

What a glorious collection of images for the week! Those plants drawings are great and as for the fabric....gasp-a-rama!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oh thank you so much Jo and Julianne, I thought it was a bit of a lame post, but I'm so glad you liked it