Sunday, 29 June 2014

Around the place this week or so

Hello!  I have been working on a few great things this week, but unfortunately I can't tell you about them yet.  In the meantime, here is part of my studio wall, as it was last Thursday....
I am preparing to fill the windows of Craft Victoria with some cosy (and less cosy) items at the end of July.  I have completed some above but there is much more to be done, below.
This will be a nice large cushion made up of a patchwork of little versions of my artwork, printed on cotton hemp.
Part of a sketch for Gardening Australia magazine, September.  I quite like him, so I thought I'd share him with you.  Don't look too closely at his elbows though.  They don't really match.

 There are some new items in my Etsy shop.  I have made a flame which you can hang from your wall. However I can't promise that it can warm those of us in Melbourne on this very dark and rainy wintry day.  (Good time to finish that quilt for the Craft Victoria window, eh Sandra??*)

 A burning house for your wall -- in green!  And a volcano for your wall too.

The one frustrating occurrence is that despite regular swimming + Pilates I have again damaged my back through too much obsessive knitting.  So that's OUT -- for at least another week.

* I would rather be lying under a blanket reading A.M. Homes' May We Be Forgiven, which I am enjoying very much, but I really need to finish that quilt today.....


sister outlaws said...

Well you have warmed the my wintry outlook with this post - love that fire! And printed Eterovic fabric??? Gasp-a-rama! Sorry to hear about the back - these craft injuries can be so debilitating - I get a shoulder/neck injury from my crazy crochet style so I know what you mean. I've got that A H Holmes book on my "to read" list - nothing better than having your head stuck in a book - except perhaps some Sandra Eterovic craft in the Craft vic winter window!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Thanks so much Julianne -- you know that your comments help me to go on, give me a reason to live, etc etc? (Or at the very least, a reason to write this blog....)
I can well imagine that crocheting could bring a host of injuries. I can see you working away, fast and furious. It's when you get into it, and you don't think of stopping, that the trouble begins.
The A.M. Homes book is great!! I have nearly finished it -- fast paced and multi layered. Very good.