Sunday, 24 August 2014

Around the place this week

Above: I have decided to use my market peg board as a temporary hallway gallery and apron hanger (until I bang the kitchen door into it and smash one of my mirrors).
 Above: In the bathroom with Tom Polo last Saturday.  Spring 1883 at The Windsor was such a treat!
Above: The kitchen climber is now long enough to tickle the pencil holding man, but he doesn't look very happy about it.
Above: Mirror painting day last Wednesday.  These will be in my Etsy shop next week (please note that some are already on hold).
Above: I think that cake mixes are a crock but painting this one was quite fun.
Above: Please note that my window exhibition at Craft Victoria will finish at the end of Tuesday August 26, a week earlier than was originally advertised.  Most unsold items will still be available through the Shop.

Have a fine Sunday!


Jo Grant said...

I heard about the fringe exhibition at the Windsor, I would have dearly loved to stumble across that one. You're exhibition is coming down so soon! Enjoy the last few days of it.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hello Jo! I think that the Windsor bunch will be at it again next year, as it was quite successful. Yes, the exhibition has now gone forever..........looking forward to seeing what's in the window now! See you soon, Jo. Thank you.

Sandra Eterovic said...
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