Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Painting for sale!

I have decided to sell this painting, which is a portrait of my lounge room as it appeared in 2012.  It has been painted onto thick wood, using acrylic paint, and it measures 1200mm x 1200mm.  I had a lot of fun painting it.  It contains many of my favourite things e.g. Svenskt Tenn, Marimekko and other vintage fabrics; cook books; my zither; my beloved yellow Danish coffee pot; and more than ten of my own artworks, including a ceramic sconce and a mirror with my face reflected onto it.  (It is weird to paint into a painting your own paintings, especially that little Village Head on the table, and the Hipster cushion...) AUD$2200.  Free delivery within Melbourne.  Contact me via sandeterovic[at] if you are interested.
I am able to discuss/ research options for sending the work to further locations.  Please note however that this piece is quite heavy as it has been painted onto very thick plywood.

More photos of the painting here, on The Design Files, by Eve Wilson:

...and Apartment Therapy, by Natalie Jeffcott:

...and on Etsy, a portrait of me sitting in front of it, by darling David Patston:

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