Friday, 12 February 2010

New Paumes Title: Paris Family Style

I bought the latest release by the francophile Japanese publishing house Paumes last week, for serious work purposes of course. My colleagues and I had already obsessed over every detail of the respective Children's Rooms titles and I thought it was about time we had something new to pore over. Paris Family Style doesn't disappoint. Above, the pattern on pattern on pattern bedroom of Esther Barbotin, age 4. Above still visitng the Barbotins. Below: Too much patchwork is never, ever enough.

Above and below: work in the home of Frederique Reboul, which might be by her, seeing as there's alot of it, and she is listed as an illustratrice in the introduction. As you might already know, Paumes' books are mostly in Japanese. It's about the pictures anyway, but at the same time it would be nice to know more. [ February 15: news is a link to her blog Lili Scratchy -- thanks so much to super Jaboopee!]

Above: this clever soft toy in the home of Patricia Rindlisbacher and her two boys Sid and Larsen is definitely her work. I figured that out by myself. See more clever things inspired by her two sons here. Incidentally, her's looks to be the only non-nuclear family in the whole book. Interesting.
Incidentally II, I bought the Copenhagen Children's Rooms title as well. Unsurprisingly perhaps, it's quite similar to the Stockholm title, but unfortunately it's not as interesting.


Elaine Prunty said...

i've never heard of that publication, looks amazing and makes me happy to see pattern on pattern on pattern ...i'm going a bit crazy with pattern in my own bedroom my doubts are assuaged..
the artist you want to know more about is lili scrathy , i love her blog and her work...i hadn't visited her in quite a while so thanks for reminder loving your handbag too...lovely intricate work...

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Elaine! Good to hear from you. I excitedly had a look at Lili Scratchy's blog -- and scrolled down to find that it is in fact one and the same woman -- she refers to the herself in the book. Thanks so much for that link, she's a great find. I look forward to seeing your pattern on pattern, I hope that photo plays a part in helping you bravely add even more pattern to it!!