Saturday 27 February 2010

7 Aesthetic Themes

This post is part of a tagging game in which participants are asked to reveal seven things about themselves. I was tagged by Sandra from the beautiful and thoughtful blog Pass the Parcel (whose own post on the theme was gorgeous). Thanks Sandra! I have decided to show seven aesthetic themes that are consistently important to me. They are in no particular order.
Above: bright French provincial motifs like this tablecloth from a 1997 Les Olivades catalogue sing of summer with their combination of intense colour and pattern.
Above: food packaging, old and new, western and eastern. I have an obsession with idealised pastoral landscapes in particular, but I am yet to find the definitive one. When I do I will post it. For now saturated coloured fruit and pretty ladies in costumes will do. (Thanks to Cousin who sent me this back in 1991 with a note on the back saying : "see I told you you can get it off the can!" which is very pleasing.
Above: red and white. Knitting. Fair Isle. This boy/girl motif which my mother knitted into little sweaters for us when we were children.
(Detail from a scarf I made for myself last winter, shown in progress here.)

Above: the wonders of the human body, especially its depiction in times past. Here a beautiful fold-out lithograph from the early 1900's which I was lucky to score on etsy.

Above: cabinets of curiosities like the fantastic insects under glass still thoughtfully on display at the new Melbourne Museum. (This photo is by Inky Squid, who did a much better job than I did when I tried to photograph it).

Above: all things vintage nautical. This one ticks a few boxes: I have a thing for old printed scarves, and I love funny little depictions of clothing and anchors too.
(Image from Bird and Banner)
Last but not least, mid twentieth century British illustration. A balance between skill and naivete, the use of detailed line against simple colour and an appreciation of the everyday. You can see more here.
(Illustration above by David Gentleman)
Now I've arrived at the best part of this game, my chance to tag some highly varied and extra special talented women: writer Kate Constable, composer Chris McCombe , maker of incredible shoes Emma Greenwood, architect and jewellery maker Olivia Munroe, glass artist and maker Elaine Prunty and last but never least: artist, writer and designer Anna Parry. I can't wait to see what they come up with, but at the same time I hope that they don't feel pressured to come up with anything!
Thanks again, Sandra.


Christine McCombe said...

Lovely - I'm in! Just give me a couple of days to collect my thoughts after a frazzled weekend. cx

Elaine Prunty said...

I really like that you've made this tag about seven aesthetic themes and i may shamelessly use this very theme to rise to the challenge of revealing some more things about me.....that or my inspirations....but i love all your varied and i have to go and get my thinking hat on....i'll let you know when i've done it meantime i can't stop thinking about aran guy in his little speedos.....

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Chris!

I am very pleased that you're in, not least because a musical composer will add a really interesting new dimension to the idea. Looking forward to it, and no rush by the way!

Hi Elaine!

I am very happy that you liked my choices. They were partly an avoidance of revealling other things about myself, but I learned something too so it wasn't for naught.
I had a good laugh when I read that you are still thinking about the stunning moustached aran man! Those eyes! That stare! You can tell he'd rather be out posing in his speedos than modelling that big white coat, pretty as it may be.

Looking forward to your post! ;)

Christine McCombe said...

I've done mine - not necessarily musical though! cx

Sandra Eterovic said...

I LOVED it, Chris! Thank you!!!

A latte beckons said...

I've done mine too -- sorry it took so long!

Christine McCombe said...

It's catching! Have a look at Musings in Mayhem blog by Cath (a link on my page). Something so lovely about an invitation to share ideas ... just waiting to be taken up. Who will be next? cx

Sandra said...

thanks for sharing. and for keeping the sevens going. i'm enjoying reading all of them. i love seeing what makes people tick in areas of their lives that are special to them. xx

Elaine Prunty said...

at last at last at last , i've done mine too..and thanks , its been very interesting . I'm going to do another one on inspirations too. all the best